Sunday, February 1, 2009

Der Doppelganger

I was just coming out of the market on the corner between 8th Street and Claremont when
I bumped into somebody's doppelganger,
Not my doppelganger, I would have recognized him in a second, but it was somebody else's, so
I asked if he needed directions because he looked sort of disoriented,
But he interrupted me and started telling me about this duel he was involved in
A lady's honor and a something about a necrophiliac duck
And if I could be his second, and I smiled at this because it struck me as humorous
That a doppelganger of all people would be looking for a second and I was going to make
An amusing remark on this point but his eyes were so coldly earnest and the way he agitatedly
Pulled at his moustache made me wonder if doppelgangers had very highly-developed
Senses of irony, so we looked over his guns, pearl-handled and very pretty, but
I know little of firearms and my ice cream was melting in my bag so I had to go
But he stood there watching me leave and with those haunting chords, he said we'd meet again--so far we haven't.

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