Monday, April 6, 2009

Lost in the Woods

Can you name the one who peers through your eyes?
Have you met yourself--man of meat--walking in the garden?
Heard the footsteps of of the man of stone
Whose soles touch your soles?
You are the Sun's child--Ignite!
Or have you forgotten what it means to stand together in the woods?
To burrow through my breast and place a pine cone in my ribcage?
To walk along the rim of the moonlight, where the darkness
Starts to muzzle it's way in, like a stone-skulled mink,
And hear the tongues of the juniper--
Demanding that we add our bodies to it's stew of humus,
To wrap it's toe-roots around our bones until,
Clogged with clay, we begin to sing.
Already, I begin to feel the feathers fill my mouth--

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